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“What’s the Point?” – Round 2 Results!

3 Jun


Are you ready for this one?   1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk is a creamy, satisfying 0 points!

That’s a cup of Kashi Good Friends cereal – 4 points; banana – 0 points (unless you’ve had 3 of them already today, in which case you need to start counting them and/or check yourself into the zoo); tea – 0 points.   So, the grand total is 4 POINTS!!

Thanks for playing!  We have 2 contestants running neck-and-neck.

What’s the Point? Round 2

1 Jun

Okay, I will give a hint for this one – that liquid in the measuring cup is unsweetened almond milk, one of the helpful hints from our friend Pixie (whom some of you may recall from “This Cow Had Quite a Laugh.” )  The box behind the cereal box is Chinese tea, a lovely gift given to us by 2 Chinese high school students who have stayed with us this week and performed with their school choir and orchestra at the high school.

A warning about these high fiber cereals:  ease into them.


Guess the Weight Watchers® PointsPlus®  value of the food in the picture.  Results posted Sunday at 8 AM EST.  The winner after 10 rounds gets an amazing prize.  Get to it!

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