Oh Nuts!

4 Aug

Last Saturday, David and I sat down to a romantic evening dinner al fresco on Long Beach at Paninis and Bikinis Café, as the warm summer sun began to fade.  I ordered a flip-flop salad, so light and nubile sounding. When my salad came, I set about moving the pieces around with my fork.

“Is something wrong?” David asked.  He knows I’m not one of those fussy, picky eaters who have to examine each morsel.

“Shh, I am counting walnuts,” I said. “There are 10 walnut halves in this salad. I think I can have some Popcorners.”

Though we had spent hours walking the boardwalk in 100-degree weather, the fact remained that 10 walnut halves were “4 points” (I knew this because I use the Weight Watchers® mobile site on my Blackberry and spent the day looking things up) and a bag of Popcorners (which I had never heard of, but apparently Weight Watchers® did) was also “4 points.” I ate the walnuts and only half a bag of the Popcorners.  In the still of the night, after traveling an hour to pick up my son and while making the long drive home, the rest of the Popcorners, one by one, found their way out of the bag and into my mouth.

If I were playing by my old rules, things eaten in pitch blackness would not count. But I had committed to tracking every morsel that went in my mouth. So, I pulled out my Blackberry to record the covert snack indulgence ….. and my Blackberry was out of power.  What to do? What to do?   The next day, I logged into my computer…..oh, that happy feeling of a new day….filled with promise and all new POINTS….how I love those POINTS.   Not only was it a new day—it was a NEW WEEK.  I knew if I didn’t up the Popcorner quantity from the previous day I would be obsessing about it.  So I scrolled back in time and owned up to my indulgence.

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